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  1. super remake serial i never miss this serial in y life time

  2. Pls change the serial timing to 0730 or 0800pm its better to watch after we reach to home

  3. Priyadarshini // January 28, 2011 at 3:18 pm // Reply

    Pls pls pls tub the serial completely.i watch this serial both in hindi and tamil:.. .this s an awesome serial…i never miss this serial even though i have my sem exam…this s a wonderful serial..dont cut any romantic scenes as they r really lovely to watch..raj tv authories, pls completely tub the 500+ episodes of uttaran(sindhu bhairavi)…

  4. i love this serial

  5. Its a fantastic serial. I never miss this. If possible, please change the timing to 9 or 9.30 pm. or re-telecast the weekly episode on Saturday .

    Veer & Sindhu is doing a very good job.

    hey guys u r really rocking.

    Nice romantic love story betwn veer and sindhu.

  6. hey it’s really super……fentastic serial……..i love sindhu bhairavi serial……….

  7. Superb serial i never miss this serial. sindhu & veer pair is really superb

  8. sindhu & veer pair is really superb

  9. super pair for Sindhu and veer

  10. pls change the timings

  11. its really a nice serial, everyone in the family can enjoy by watching it

  12. i want title song of sindhu bhairavi…can anyone say how to get it….

  13. veer and sindhuku marriage nadakanum.please do it

  14. pls change serial timing to 9 pm so that working people also can watch after reaching home in a relaxed mood.. can swap the timing at 7pm beach girls and at 9pm can telecast sindhu bhairavi serial. this ll be so comfortable

  15. sindhu bairavi serial till today is very nice.

  16. i like this serial very much

  17. i like so much sindhu and veer .this serial is very interesting

  18. this serial is very interesting,different, i never miss the serial.i like veer character in this serial

  19. all the characters in this serial very beatiful.sindhu & veer very beatiful

  20. Pls change the serial timing to .930 or 10.00pm its better to watch after we reach to home

  21. this serial very interesting & different.i never miss the serial


  22. i like this serial very much…………. pls change the timing

  23. tasleemajamal // March 3, 2011 at 7:06 am // Reply

    This serial is fantastic !!!!!!!!!! i luv it .

  24. sindhu bairavi serial is really super super super.i like the serial.i like sindhu and veer. i love sindhu bairavi serial…………………………………………………

  25. super serial and wats happen to sindu marriage plz show it fast i cant wait for it.

  26. i like this serial. but i dont like veer’s bhairavi wedding. i hate this dicision.

  27. naveen prapakar // March 7, 2011 at 10:19 am // Reply

    super serial veer character is so good..i change my character like veer……..all the best of sindhu bhairavi team………

  28. Superb serial. Please change the serial time.after 8′o clock.Its better to all watch the good serial.

  29. hai iam in india ilike the seriyal

  30. Really excellent serial i ever seen in my life……………i love sindhu,veer and tamarai……………sindhu is a lovely friend…………..i never miss this serial……..

  31. i like this serial very much but i hate the decision of the director about veer and bairavi wedding plz change the story veer and sindhu is cute and soft pair


  33. lara 4rm india // March 10, 2011 at 10:24 am // Reply

    sindhu bhairavi s superb bt veer and bhaiyu s wedng s a sad for all f us………….its k frndshp never dies……………but sindhus life

  34. I love sindhu-bhairavi serial very much.Really i am very much disappointed for bhairavi’s action. Not only my family all my neighbours,friends and relatives are wanted marriage of veer and sindhu. But really we are stunned at that momemt of veer wed bhairavi. Please can you change that episode. Really we are eager to see that.

  35. All the characters in this serial are doing there part well. Best wishes for all your team members . I like sindhu – bhairavi serial very much . It is interesting and touching story . I like veer , sindhu and bhairavi……

  36. UIH


  38. Hi.. I m very crazy on veer and sidhu…both r looking very cute and superb pair. Jogi also very handsome. But i hate tat baiyu’s grandma.. Bairavi S also acting very well.. All the best for sindhubhairavi team..

  39. Guys,u all cant accept veer n baiyus mar but a lots of horribles thgs r waiting 4 u. Pls stop waching it.to know d story just search in d name uttran

  40. This serial is very intresting .Sindhu & Biu character is different character…

  41. Sindhu veeriku dhrogam pannitta veer paavam

  42. Veer is smart

  43. i like these serial very much when i come from the school i started watch sindu bhairavi i like sinduvery much

  44. pls update 1st episode and their annual day program in their childhood days

  45. The love story of veer and Ichcha (Sindhu) is emotional and heartening to watch.

    Ichcha and Tapasya have grown up and this part of the story is what we are going to watch from beginning, right from the introduction of the actors.

    At the end of the Child hood of Ichcha and Tapasya it is shown that Damini receives Rs.6,00,000/- but she decides to stay with the Takur’s family…

    Damini tells Jogi and Divya that they have showered great love on Ichcha. There is a flash back of all that happens in Damini’s life. She says that with money she can buy a house for herself and Ichcha but cant’ have such a nice family to live with. She requests them to make them one of their family and that she wants to stay among them. She says that she wants to see both Ichcha and Tapasya grow together. She wants them to go to their in-laws house from this house only. Jogi and Divya are very happy hearing this. They both smile and are very happy.



  48. malarvizhi // March 21, 2011 at 6:25 am // Reply

    hai tis is superb serial because sindhu and veer jody is very nice.

  49. oh! my all time favorite serial. beyond the actor actress i really wish this SINDHU BHAIRAVI’S director foremost. he is the real hero of this lovely story. hello sir all the best for your upcoming projects. and pls do me one favor, kindly change the timings of this serial aft 9 o clo. so that every one can watch without fail’

  50. I like this serial &good work sindu ,bairavi

  51. oh i like this serial very much……….. i don’t like the patti who is poisoning the mind of baiu…. anyway i want bairavi and sindhu to be friends for ever and i appreciate the story and director…… veer singh mundela who has acted very well…. i made all my friends to watch this and now they are the fans of the serial sindhu bairavi… please change the timing……….

  52. i like this serial

  53. veer sinthu street

  54. sinthu and veer very beautiful. sinthu character very nice bhairvai is very lucky

  55. i like this serial but i hate biravi because this character cheat to innacent girl sindhu……..

  56. i like jogi tagore.. Wonderful father… Realy a lovable serial.. Raj tv ku dhan 1st thanks.. Pls ful episode dub panunga pa.. Yeamathidadhinga..

  57. super serial , but i don’t like baiu patti . baiu patti was confusing the mind of baiu when she was child also & now also .sindhu & veer couple was beautiful but the baiu & veer was not good.sindhu & sindhu’ costume was very beautiful before the marriage of veer & baiu marriage.But the sindhu will never cut the friendship of bhairavi.dhivya was so beautiful.i never miss this serial

  58. superb and touching story
    i love sindhu and veer

  59. this serial is very nice especially sindhu and veer but i hate biravi

  60. i like sindhu verymuch she is innocent girl.

  61. i like sindhu she is innocent girl.but bhaiu use this charac and married veer.veer and sindhu only understanding couple.bhairavi spoiled her life and also sindhu veer’s life.

  62. i like sindu bhairavi .director of sindhubhairavi hat soft to u.i like veer very much.he had a soft character .plz do one help i am only watching in the net so down load all episoe.and in a corect order ,u mean arranging in correct manner .i need a friend like sindhu and like veer .i like them more .last but not jogi was a very good man he is a soft person ..while thamarai and divya also a kind people. but dislike the activity of patti and bhairavi .bharavi she did not under stand the sindhu’s affection.she destroyed sindhuveer’s life .extend time of the program pls………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

  63. This is a story of Ichcha, born in the slums of Mumbai but one who desires much more than what her destiny has in store for her. In the hope of giving her a better life, Ichcha’s mother Damini joins a rich household as a maid.
    Ichcha befriends Tapasya (the only daughter of the house), and they both form a deep bond. Jogi Thakur the master of the house is eventually revealed to be cause of Iccha’s father’s death. He and Divya (thakur’s wife) accept Iccha as their daughter.
    Eventually they grow into Adults. Rich and handsome Thakur Veer Singh Bundela enters their life who falls for Iccha. Meanwhile Tapasya also falls for Veer, thus framing the question that does Ichcha sacrifice and hand Veer to Tapasya to make her happy ?
    The answer is Yes she does.Tapasya marries Veer and enters Bundela House as Thakurian Veer Singh Bundela. Now it is her mission to win Veer over, who is still in love with Ichcha. She tries everything yet to win his heart will take her a little longer.
    Damini decides to leave the house with Ichcha which bothers jogi thakur so much that on the moment of both of them leaving the house, he have his first heart attack.After he is discharged from the hospital,Damini,Jogi and Divya Thakur leave for Darjeeling for betterment of thakur saab’s health.Tapasya arrives home and tries to insult Ichcha (who is left behind as she insists because of a student of hers who becomes a drug addict and she wants to help him) as much as she can.Once,while returning from rehab centre where her student is admitted,a mysterious masked man follows her who she realises is Tapasya’s Ex-flame Siddhart aka Sid. Tapasya manage to agree Sid to kill ichcha in order to get close to Veer .One day,Veer comes to Jogi Thakur’s house (all of this happens when Divya,Jogi and Damini were in Darjeeling) and gives Divorce Papers to Tapasya and asks her to sign it.He says that after divorcing Tapasya,he’d marry Ichcha.Ichcha SLAPS him and says that she would not Marry him and now she sees him as Tapasya’s husband.Veer rightly states “You are saying no just because you are under the pressure of the vanities this family has enforced upon you”.Meanwhile Ichcha’s student Paras and Veer’s Brother,Vansh (who too is a drug addict), are at the same Rehab Center.
    Now, Vansh Singh Bundela and Ichcha meet at the hospital where both Vansh and Paras are being treated for drug addiction.Vansh falls for simple and good natured Ichcha while Tapasya again goes to meet Sid.meanwhile Paras dies, due to drug overdose……Vansh doesn’t know what to do as Ichcha asked him to keep an eye on Paras and also take care of him whenever she is away. Can he get back Ichha Now? Ichcha on the othe side is shot by Sid But luckily Veer comes there and rescues Ichcha after fighting with Sid.Ichcha is admitted in the hospital.Meanwhile Sid is caught by Veer and he is handed over to the police.
    When Siddharth(Sid) is produced before Ichcha for identification at the hospital ICU in which Ichcha is ailing,Ichcha full of emotions, replies that she does not know who Sid is inspite of the fact that she knows he is the boyfriend of her childhood friend/sister, Tapasya as she loves her so much and in an indian traditional way, does not want her sister to go to jail because of her and forgives her.
    The current track shows the friendship of Vansh and Iccha where Vansh falls in love with Ichcha but Ichcha does not. Veer is still unknown of this fact that Vansh loves Ichcha but his mother knows everything and she is really tensed because her both sons loves Ichcha.On the other hand Tapasya is playing her own games as she is showing her fake sacrifices to both Ichcha and Veer by divorcing Veer whereas, Ichcha now doesn’t want her to do that as she says how can she live happily after destroying the lif eof her own sister ??
    Vansh wants to marry Ichcha but Thakkur sab has simply refused . Meanhile Veer is in Delhi to fight a case on Tej Singh, oblivious to the plot Tapasya is setting out now. The day Veer arrives home,he gets a call from Vansh who calls him in a helipad area.Ichcha also arrives and There Vansh reveals her love to Ichcha and his afterlife plans with her.Vansh just couldn’t get over this. He,at home, curses his mother for misleading the information. Ichcha agrees to Vansh on his love proposal as she eyes this as an oppotunity that veer will forget her and accept Tapasya as her wife. She also manages to convince Thakur Saab. Now both the families are happy except Veer, Damini & Ichcha.
    Now, even after the marriage is finalised, Tapasya is not satisfied. She, and her scheming grandmother, concoct a plan to harass Ichcha, by spilling juice on his dress just before the marriage ceremony and asking him to go up to the room and change. Tapasya has put up pictures of Veer and Ichcha during their courting days, in the hope that Vansh will get angry on seeing those pictures and then trouble Ichcha after their marriage. Tapasya wants Ichcha to experience the same ‘pain’ that she did, and wants Ichcha to be desperate for love throughout her life. Vansh marries Ichcha reluctantly after he comes to know her past while Tapasya rejoices that she has succeeded in her plan. The serial makers are happy they have again increased TRP.

  64. Hi Friends Keerthi // April 19, 2011 at 12:48 am // Reply

    ICCha is Sindhu Tapasaya(bhiarvi) ,Damini(thamarai) Vansh(veer’s brother)

  65. i lov veer.i m watching dis serial fr only my veer

  66. its nice

  67. i luv this serial veryyyyyyyyy muchhhhhhhh but girls veer(nandish) has cheated us he has proposed 2 rashmi(bhaiu) in real life and she 2 accepted the proposal……the way veer proposed her was simply fantastic …..
    note:in one hindi episode veer and ichcha(sindu) dance(romantic) 2 a hindi sng “bakhuda tumhi ho” in that she was wearin a white+violet saree and veer white pant and blue shirt……….don t miss that episode in tamil……..i wish they put a nice sng in tamil too!!!!!!!!!!!!!for that scene.,…………arrey veer tum itne smart aur goodlooking ho ki mein aap par pagal diwana hun..kaash mujhe life mein buss ek baar aap se milne ka mauka mile>>>>>

  68. Thanks for the share!

  69. jenifer.EEE // October 6, 2011 at 5:19 am // Reply

    i like very much serial

  70. jenifer.EEE // October 6, 2011 at 5:19 am // Reply

    i like very much serial

  71. jenifer.EEE // October 6, 2011 at 5:19 am // Reply

    i like very much serial

  72. this serial is very nice .i love this serial veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much.i like veer and iccha pair.
    i dont like tapasya,i watch this serial daily.

  73. I love sinthu& veer. I love ammu

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