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Uravugal Thodar Kathai serial online VijayTV tamil serials

Uravugal Thodarkadhai serial


  1. risvana says:

    uravugal thodarkathai is a world best serial you did not stop this serial.really i like vijay tv all programme all the best star vijay

  2. chitra says:

    uravugal thodarkathai is best serial.i like it very much.

  3. jenifer.EEE says:

    this story is i like it very much. archana is traditional girl. nice story and beutiful costumes.please 2hours contiune on the story.

  4. vimala ananthi says:

    i dont like hindi serial which has tup by tamil. bt after seeing this totally i changed my idea.very nice story

  5. anitha says:

    i like thes serial because this is love story

  6. revathi says:

    I like very much this story and i also like naithik & akhshara

  7. monee says:

    uravugal thodarkadai is the best in the serial world i really like the serial

  8. devi says:

    this is very nice serial

  9. suja says:

    uravugal thodarkathai serial boaring

  10. suja says:

    anybody like this uravugal thodarkathai serial?

  11. devi says:

    uravugal thodarkadhai serial is the best serial ever

  12. suba says:

    @devi uravugal thodarkathai serial is boaring

  13. suja says:

    Why Uravugal thodarkathai serial is not posted today?Admin, please dont miss any Uravugal ThodarKadhai serial

  14. Anonymous says:

    i like this story because naitik is so nice and aksara too

  15. anonmyous says:

    wow….. wow…. wow….. what a serial akshara and naitik pair is so good

  16. parkavi says:

    simply superb serial ,, plz put t serial at 8 pm

  17. yamini says:


  18. metha says:

    I like this serial very much.

  19. vidhya.g says:

    can u change the timing of the serial uravugal thodarkhadhai at 8.00 please!

  20. madhu says:

    i love this serial and i am seeing this in both hindi and tamil . and please can you change the timing to 8 pm

  21. Priya says:

    I love nathik and i need husband like him:-)

  22. uravugal thodarkathai serial says:

    uravugal thodarkathai serial is the best serial, hindi version or tamil version is leading

  23. Uravugal thodarkadhai serial says:

    uravugal thodarkathai serial is going ok

  24. thamizh punguil. says:

    i like nathik and akshara very much

  25. thamizh punguil. says:

    i also see this uravugal thodar kadai in hindi.

  26. Anonymous says:

    please change the timing please……..

  27. gayu says:

    please change the timing at 8pm

  28. archana says:

    i loveeeeeeeeee veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much how many serials can come but it will not like uravugal thodarkathai it always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  29. uravugal thodarkathai serial says:

    Raj tv’s uravugal thodarkathai serial always good

  30. uravugal thodarkathai serial says:

    uravugal thodarkathai serial rocks,
    i like nathik and akshara very much

  31. sangi says:

    simply superb my hme everybody watch story is the main plus point .superb acting done by entire team.

  32. priya says:

    i am like akshara

  33. priya says:

    plerse change the timing at 9pm

  34. priya says:

    super serial.

  35. charu says:

    such a wonder full family oriented story…………… it make me too live like that traditional………

  36. sudha says:

    i like uravugal thodarkathai serial very much it is very interesting i watch regularly but now the timing doesn’t suit me (ie. 2.00pm & 3.00am) earlier it was telecasted at 6.00pm after coming from college i watch it but its not possible now so kindly telecast the serial either at or 10.30pm instead of telecasting AFV or kanakaanum kalangal because both the shows are telecasted twice a day so kindly consider my request & telecast the serial in of the time mentioned above & its not only my opinion but also my friend we all love this serial. thank u.

  37. radu says:

    please upload today,s episode..

  38. karthick says:

    i like this serial very much……………

  39. bubblu says:

    uravugal thodarkadhai is awesum……….. their actin , costumes ,… r superb.
    i luv it <3

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